On Becoming a Catholic Christian


Sunday was my “acceptance” ceremony into the Catholic church. While I recognize it is only another step in my life-long journey to become more like Christ, it is a significant one nonetheless. I joyfully celebrated it in the presence of both my Mexican and American families.

The whole mass was incredibly moving, but my favorite part was at the beginning, when the Father made the sign of the cross…

…on my forehead, as a reminder of my baptism into Christ’s saving death and resurrection

then on my ears, that I may hear the voice of the Lord

and on my eyes, that I may see the glory of God

and my lips, that I may respond to the word of God.

and then on my heart, that Christ may dwell there by faith

and finally on my back, that I may bear the gentle yoke of Christ (Rite of Acceptance liturgy found here , though my mass was conducted in Spanish, obviously).

Though I recognize that deep differences exist between Catholics and Protestants (and Orthodox Christians, hi Angela!), I don’t think any Christian could disagree with what was prayed over me on Sunday. And maybe that’s the point-as the Father mentioned in my mass on Sunday, in the presence of my lifelong Baptist parents-that Christians of differing denominations must search for points of unity (even though it’s much easier to dwell on what divides us). Let’s keep the main things the main things. Let’s search for the Lord with all of our hearts. And let’s leave the judging up to God. I may be a Catholic Christian now, but I am first and foremost a Christian.



Thanks to my sponsor Juan Pablo Fernandez for the picture and for everything he has taught me in the past few months.


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  1. Awww, I am so thrilled for you EMILY! I love the service of being Catholic… Super similar to the Orthodox one too. So special!

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