Wedding Day


I already wrote about our wedding week here, but I also wanted to share the photos we had taken of the actual day. Some people have asked why we had the civil ceremony, why we are “having 2 weddings,” etc. In Mexico the only marriage that is legally valid is the civil ceremony. People can choose to have a religious ceremony or not, but everyone must have a civil ceremony. Some people combine their civil ceremony, religious ceremony, and reception all on the same day, or some people choose to have their civil ceremony days or weeks before everything else.

We had originally planned to do everything in April, but when we ended up finding and buying a house sooner than we planned and I was living here alone,  it seemed natural to get married earlier. We decided to postpone the reception/religious ceremony till April, however, because neither of us liked the today of having the most memorable party of our lives fall on one of the coldest weeks of the year in January.

That’s why we are having “2 weddings.” I’m actually really happy we’re doing it this way because I feel like a lot of the pressure is off for the bigger party in April. Even if everything goes horribly wrong that day-I hate my make-up, the food is cold, the guests all arrive late-it’s fine. It’s fine because I’ve already lived a happy, almost 3-months of being Carlos’ wife. He’s the only thing I should really be concerned about anyway on my wedding.

I hope you enjoy the photos:

While I finished getting ready, my mom and sisters got snacks ready for our guests.


Then the groom arrived…


…with his family. I like this picture of me and Carlos’ dad greeting each other.


We took some pictures before the ceremony while we were waiting for the judge to arrive. She was about 30 minutes late and I was so worried that she wouldn’t get there and we would have to reschedule everything.




Carlos even joked that he was leaving, before the ceremony even began. Haha.


Finally, the judge arrived. She gave a 5 or 10 minute talk about marriage and compared it to a plant-you have to water it and prune it to make it grow.



Anyways, after the talk, the judge asked us to stand and hold hands. It was then I had my first “THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING” moment. We didn’t really say vows, she just asked us something like if we were legally able and willing to get married to each other. First Carlos answered “yes,” and then me.


Then we were legally husband and wife!

TRO_0863   TRO_0865

Here we are signing the marriage certificate.

TRO_0882 TRO_0897

Both sets of our parents were required to sign the marriage certificate…

TRO_0904 TRO_0909


…as well as our 4 witnesses-Carlos’ cousin and sister, and my sisters.

TRO_0926 TRO_0938 TRO_0941 TRO_0946

After the 10 signatures, we still weren’t done. Carlos’ and I had to put our thumbprints on the marriage certificate as well.

TRO_0950 TRO_0955 TRO_0956 TRO_0975

After the ceremony, lots of hugs, smiles, and laughs were exchanged. I was so happy to have my family there with me.

TRO_0982TRO_0985 TRO_0988 TRO_0990 TRO_0993 TRO_0997

We took some more photos with our family and friends, and then broke out the champagne and snacks to celebrate. Thanks to all of our family and friends who joined us on our day. It was very, very special!

TRO_1001 TRO_1012 TRO_1026 TRO_1034

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