What a year. I feel like the first 6 months of 2014, I asked a lot of questions and didn’t receive many (or any!) answers.

It’s almost funny how uncertain I was just a few months ago, because now, closing 2014, my life seems much more certain and sure. In the last 6 months of this year, God answered every one of my questions and has given me lots of good things. And though I may not have always been grateful at the time, I’m infinitely thankful now that the first few months of this year were hard because they made me stronger and more appreciative of the blessings as they came.

-Although Carlos’ proposal in August wasn’t a “fairytale” or YouTube-worthy, it filled every part of my heart with joy. The proposal didn’t magically solve all of our problems or erase the cultural differences that exist, but that’s okay. The fact that neither of us are going into this marriage with blinders on is a very good thing. We know that the problems and differences will always be there, but the fun, the laughter, the love-everything good we have-is greater than that.We’re getting married in 10 days (4 days before the day we met 3 years ago) and I couldn’t be more excited to start my life with the boy who has become my best friend.

-Not only did I get my old job back after months of a delay with my visa, but soon after I got an unexpected promotion. I thought I liked teaching, but I like this position even more. I still get to teach and to interact daily with students and all of our teachers, but I also have administrative tasks that keep my work from becoming monotonous. I’m really thankful to never dread going to work and to get along well with the other staff members.

-I wrote about Carlos and I buying a house, but this still continues to amaze me. I like it just about as much as one can like a material thing and legitimately missed it when I was gone the past few days for Christmas. It hasn’t seemed right for me to be living there alone for the last 2 months, so I’m really excited it will officially be “ours” next weekend when Carlos moves in.

-It’s hard being away from my family, and oftentimes I don’t think I even acknowledge how much I miss them. I got to spend lots of time with them this year, which was great. I spend several weeks at home in both March and June, went back to Texas in August for my sister’s wedding, and just spent 9 whole days with them over Christmas. They’re all coming to Mexico next week for our civil ceremony, and I can’t wait to see them again so soon!

-I’m officially getting a new family. Every day I miss my own, of course, but Carlos’ people are becoming my people. Just today Carlos’ mom wanted to make sure she hadn’t offended me with a question she had asked earlier in the day (she hadn’t, and I was surprised she was worried). We then remembered a time when she had inadvertently offended me and I left their house crying (I was, more than likely, being overly sensitive) and laughed about it. Out of nowhere she stood up and gave me a huge hug. I am so thankful to  feel their support and love every day

-I wrote about my journey to Catholicism a few times in the last year. It was a relief to finally come to the conclusion this year that if I can love Jesus and others more by attending the Catholic church, then that’s what I’m going to do. Sometimes I still experience guilt over my decision, but as long as Jesus is the focus of whatever church I attend and that church preaches the Gospel, I can never go wrong. Thank you, God, for grace and love that knows no denominational boundaries.

See you soon, 2015!


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