Hannah’s Wedding Week

Hannah’s wedding week was so full of family, friends, wedding errands and excursions into Austin that, by the end of the week, I felt like I had done more than I normally do in a month at home. It was a blur, in the best way. I’m so thankful for the time I got to spend with Hannah in her last few days as a Lee. I’m always sad when I have to say good-bye to her, but this time was particularly bittersweet, because things will never quite be the same.

However, I’m so happy my sister has found Parker to love and to share lots of adventures with. Though I don’t have any photos from the actual wedding, it was so beautiful and so Hannah.

Here are some photos from the week:

Carlos and I got up I-don’t-even-remember-how-early to take a bus that got delayed at the border for 5 hours…Here we are waiting in line for Carlos to get his permit.


The next day, we went to Barton Springs with a lot of Hannah and Parker’s friends who were already in town. So refreshing!

Carlos and I got a sno-cone after we went swimming. After this, we went to dinner with my college roommate, Emily, and her husband Tony. Having Carlos finally meet one of my best friends was amazing (and sadly I didn’t document it!).


After wedding errands the next day, it was Bachelorette party time! I had a loose itinerary, but it ended up not going anything as planned and still turned out really fun. We ate dinner at a British pub, walked to the capitol to kill some time, and were then offered a ridiculous amount of free shots as we walked along 6th street, thanks to Hannah’s “Bachelorette” sash. The sash also got Hannah a free ride on a mechanical bull 😀 We ended the night at a club where we were basically the only ones on the dance floor, which was awesome.

This was only half the group, before we left for the night.









The rehearsal dinner was at the Salt Lick with all-you-can-eat BBQ. Carlos told me he was too full for dessert, but I coaxed him into trying one bite of cobbler, and the rest is history. He wants cobbler at our wedding now!




Before we could go to sleep after the rehearsal dinner, we had to deal with the flowers. It was a crazy few hours-my aunts were making the boutonnieres, my cousin Katelyn was making the table centerpieces, and each bridesmaid was making their bouquet for the next day. Perhaps the most impressive thing was that Hannah made the flower crown she wore in her hair for the actual wedding.

Everything turned out beautifully and I admire Hannah for having a vision and having the guts to create it for herself.


We woke up early on wedding day to have breakfast that my aunts hosted for the bridal party.

Then, we had a few hours to spend at home where we tried to relax for a while. We laughed through “She’s the Man,” Hannah W. and Laura bought mimosa supplies, and we all sat around doing our nails.




Here’s a picture I took of the venue from inside the bridal room. After hair and make-up, pictures and prayer time, it was time for Hannah to marry Parker.


And as I already said, the wedding was beautiful. We danced inside of a barn, drank iced coffee out of mason jars, and ate donuts.

I love you squirrel! Thanks for being one of the best 2 sisters in the world and for letting me be a part of your special day.

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