Happy 1 Year, Mexico

Tomorrow marks 1 year of living in Mexico. While the year was full of a lot of good things, yes-taco dinners, new friends, Spanish improvement, attending a Catholic church, etc.-it was also full of hard things that I wasn’t expecting. Car accidents, attempted break-ins at my house, problems with Carlos, delays with my visa and not being able to work were the physical problems happening, alongside the internal struggles.

I remember one particular weekend in May, I think. The only work I was able to do at that time was teach private classes and it was barely enough to survive. My car was in the shop getting fixed from one of the accidents. And to top it all off, Carlos and I had had a fight (one that I was positive would lead to our break-up) on that Thursday and wouldn’t speak until Sunday. Stuck in my house that weekend with no transportation, little money, and no motivation to see any of my friends, I felt like I had finally reached my limit. I couldn’t physically or emotionally take care of myself anymore.

I went back to Texas for a few weeks to regroup and make a decision about where I should be. I decided to go back to Mexico, but very cautiously-I still wasn’t sure I would stay permanently. When I got back in late June, I identified 3 main things I needed to be able to healthily stay permanently: security with Carlos, security to be in Mexico, and security in my job.

After about 6 weeks of hoping and praying, the first good news came on August 3, when Carlos proposed. On August 4, I picked up my actual, physical resident card at immigration, which gives me access to public health insurance and other things. And on August 5, my boss told me that I had gotten the promotion I had applied for at work-a salaried teachers’ coordinator position with benefits. It was almost too much good news to handle!

My problems in Mexico aren’t over, I’m sure. With an engagement comes the responsibility of planning a wedding and preparing to be a wife, and a new job brings added stress and new things to learn. But I am infinitely grateful for God’s sustenance. I never felt Him urging me to give up on Mexico, but always to be patient for a little bit longer. I’m thankful for Carlos’ loyalty, and for the many new friends I have that have cared for me, listened to me, and encouraged me. I’m thankful for people at my job that fought to get me back working again as soon as possible. For everything, because it has made me stronger, and made me realize that not everything in life gets handed to you on a silver platter (nor should it). Thanks for 1 year, Mexico. This adventure has been greater than I could have ever imagined.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Meagan says:

    Nice summary 🙂 so happy for you both!

    1. Emily says:

      Aww, thank you Meg!

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