Texas and Oklahoma Photos


I wanted to share the last pictures from my time in Texas. I also tagged along with my parents on a road-trip to Oklahoma City to visit some friends, so there’s pictures from that as well.

The longer I’m apart from my family and my country, the more I appreciate the time I do get to spend at home!

Here are the photos:

I got to baby-sit my favorite redheads! It’s always a challenge taking a good picture with them.





They live in the country and there was a really pretty sunset.


After the younger two boys went to bed, Sam and I stayed up chatting. I just love him!



I ate kebabs in Ireland a lot, so I had really been wanting to try Verts in Austin. It didn’t disappoint!


Another day, I got a random desire to make a toad, one of my favorite childhood foods. I need to make these more often because when I try to fry eggs alone, they always turn out looking more scrambled.


I somehow seem to always be in town for the Royals Alumni games. Even though I probably hadn’t picked up a basketball since last years’ Alumni game, I had a lot of fun playing. It’s amazing how your body never forgets some things!



On the way to Oklahoma, we stopped in Gainesville for fried pies.


I picked a cherry fried pie.


I love the old courthouses that are in so many Texas towns (this is in Gainesville also).


One of the first places I saw in Oklahoma City was Aldi, a grocery store I went to in Ireland a lot. This is the first one I’ve ever seen in the US!


I treated myself to a gel manicure in OKC-literally my 3rd manicure ever. I loved my nails, but I’m obviously an amateur because today when I tried to take them off with nail polish remover, nothing happened. After doing some internet research, I had to first file each nail and then individually wrap each finger in a nail polish remover-soaked cotton ball and foil and wait 20 minutes. And my nails still look a little destroyed. Now I know why I don’t get manicures more often-they are WAY too high-maintenance.


My parents and I walked around Bricktown, an area in downtown OKC.



I’m probably the biggest country music fan in my family, if you could even call me that. That being said, we still had fun eating at Toby Keith’s restaurant in Bricktown.



After dinner, we went to an Oklahoma City Thunder game against the Lakers. It wasn’t a close game, but NBA games are always a fun experience!



On the way home to Texas, we stopped in a little town called Orr, Oklahoma, where my grandfather was born and where some of my dad’s relatives are buried. I always gush about the sky in Texas, but it might just be prettier in Oklahoma.


My grandma always protests pictures, but I took one anyway. I really enjoyed seeing her this trip!


I made whoopie pies my last night at home to bring back to Carlos and his family. They thankfully turned out good 🙂


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