Why I’m not giving up on Mexico


It’s no secret that moving to Mexico has been a dream of mine since I was in middle school. The 10 months I spent living in Ireland in 2012 went, all things considered, flawlessly, and I expected my time Mexico to be even better because I loved it so much.

Things were relatively easy in the beginning. I was getting adjusted, yes, but I found a job quickly and had a comfortable place to live. Not to mention, I was incredibly content just going to karaoke parties and eating tacos and improving my Spanish.

Then, on Valentine’s Day, after a completely unexpected experience with Mexican immigration officers, I had to stop working until my work visa was completely processed. They told me that it would take 1 to 2 weeks. In the meantime, I was already planning on going home to Texas, so I went. I ended up staying home for over 3 weeks, because there were no new updates on my visa.

I finally drove back to Mexico last Sunday after getting an encouraging e-mail from my boss two days before saying our visas were probably going to be ready on Monday. What perfect timing, I thought. In a few days, or at the most, 1 or 2 weeks, I would be back to work!

I was surprised to hear this past Thursday, then, that my visa had been denied. I didn’t even know that could happen, much less expect that it would happen to me. My employer has one more chance to apply for me, which basically re-starts the whole process (which was started in November) over, though it supposedly takes shorter the second time.

If I could look for another job now, I probably would. However, my company applied for this visa for me, so it will only be valid there. And were I to start the process over again at another workplace, it would be from the beginning and could take another 4 to 5 months to get to where I am now with my current employer. Trust me when I say I really have considered every option, and the only reasonable one seems to wait.

When I was driving back to Mexico last week, even though I had no reason to believe my visa wouldn’t be ready, I had the date May 16 in my head-2 months later. If, on May 16, I still don’t have my job back, I’m going to make the decision I have to for my future (even though now, I have no idea what that might be).

Though I’m still teaching some private lessons, I have a lot of time on my hands. Time which I was using to complain and daydream about moving back to the U.S. and ask God to please make things easier because I was just tired of this mess. On Sunday, I had a car wreck. Thankfully, it wasn’t serious, even though my car definitely needs some repairs. After that wreck I stood in the parking lot where it happened, way more emotional than I should have been, again asking God why He had let me get into “this mess.”

At some point, thankfully, I realized that this was exactly what I wanted. It’s what I asked God for. This life in Mexico, “this mess,” is exactly what I dreamed about-for 11 years! God never promised it would be easy, or that I would always be comfortable. Maybe on May 16, it’ll be time for me to go. I don’t know. I do know that there’s at least one thing you don’t give up on easily,  and it’s your dreams.


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