2013 in review


2012 was full of changes (looking at you, Ireland and Carlos), so I was determined to make 2013 a year of “finding my place” back in America. It worked for a few months-until I quit one job to take another job I thought I would love, and then it wasn’t as I had been promised. I found myself jobless and living at home in spring 2013, and utterly confused. I began to feel God telling me it was okay to look beyond the borders of Texas for the next phase of my life and that I didn’t need to be ashamed if I just wasn’t meant to “find my place” in the United States. Relieved, I began to think about what I loved and what I really wanted to do.

After a summer of preparation and a lot of waiting, I moved to Mexico. I get to see Carlos a lot, I get to speak Spanish, and I get paid to teach my language to Mexicans. It hasn’t been without problems and adjustment, but I am infinitely glad to be here.

God’s faithfulness in 2013 amazed me-He was with me in the confusion, the waiting, and the joy of finally living in a country I have loved for a long time. If 2014 is half as crazy and adventurous as 2013 was, I know it will be a great year.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the year:

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