Updates from Mexico

-I’m currently sitting on Carlos’ bed eating peanut butter out of the jar while he’s at work. He’s picking me up in a little bit to go watch the Mexico vs. Honduras match with him and his co-workers, and then we’re having a get-together at his friend’s house.

-There’s a cold front happening in Saltillo right now, and it feels great. I’ve needed a sweater since we arrived on Wednesday.

-Speaking of arrivals, our crossing into Mexico was easy. The only hitch we had was when we drove past the immigration office and ended up in a Nuevo Laredo neighborhood. Thankfully it pretty easy to turn around, and we found the office and I got my tourist card.

-I have a job interview on Monday at 6 to teach English to businesspeople.

-This weekend, I’m moving into my new house with my new roommate. I’m so excited and thankful for a place to live! A plus is that it’s a 5-minute drive from Carlos.

-The first meal I ate here in Saltillo was Tacos Raul at my request. I literally don’t understand how they are so good. I’m going to have to limit myself to having tacos once or twice a week, otherwise things could get ugly by me gaining 300 lbs.Image

-I don’t know how you adjust from being in a long-distance relationship, to not anymore. It still hasn’t clicked that I don’t have to leave at the end of the week and that life won’t stop when we see each other anymore because this is real life for both of us now, in Mexico. As usual, I guess things like this take time. On that note, I’m so happy to be with Carlos again, and so happy for this new life in Mexico that’s beginning.


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