Akumal, Xcacel, and Cenotes

On Saturday, 5 of my classmates and I went on an excursion through our school. First stop:

Cenote #1. A cenote is like a natural spring and there are lots of them in this part of Mexico. The water was so clear and felt so good! Here I am with 3 of my classmates, Laura, Paula, and Doris:


This is me and my British friend, Laura, thinking about jumping.


This is me jumping. Whoohoo!


This is Laura jumping.


Second stop:

Cenote #2. It was in Xcacel (ish-kuh-shell), really near the beach.


But to get there we had to walk thru the jungle.

First the jungle looked like this,


then it looked like this


and this! I had never seen anything like it.


Finally, we made it to cenote #2.


After swimming in the cenotes, we went to swim on the beach in Xcacel. It was one of the prettiest beaches I’ve ever seen. None of us wanted to leave!




After Xcacel, we went to Akumal, a little beach town that’s famous for snorkeling.


Why does everyone snorkel there? Because there’s HUGE turtles!!

The first time I went out, I see a sweet reef, but no turtles. Our guide was nice enough to go out again with me, and this time I saw 4 big turtles, a baby turtle, and a manta ray! I’m not a huge animal person, but this was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I wish I had had an underwater camera.


After Akumal, we came back to Playa, went out to dinner, and then called it a day. A very good day! It was a wonderful way to end a grueling week of class.

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