Playa del Carmen, day 2


The internet is being extremely temperamental right now, so I can’t show pictures. Here are some highlights of my day:

-I taught my first lesson! Our class had 8 students today, and they were great sports about learning auxiliary verbs from me! My teacher and peers gave me lots of positive feedback, and I know a lot of things I need to work on too. They said I was visibly nervous, but I wasn’t shaking or sweating, so relatively speaking, my nerves were under control 😉

-Walking to Oxxo for afternoon snacks with my classmate, Laura

-Talking a walk thru town on my lunch break, and finally going to the beach! I put my feet in the water for a while and it was wonderful. I’m excited to go for longer this weekend.

That’s all. I’m teaching again tomorrow for 40 minutes, and I’m hardly nervous at all. This class really doesn’t give you any room to breathe, which is probably for the best. You don’t have time to think about dropping out. Hasta luego!

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