Carlos Comes to Texas (again), last days


I think the last 3 days with Carlos were my favorite.

Saturday: After breakfast, and then went to the park to play basketball. We played about 4 games of Horse, and after about 5 minutes of playing a real game, we decided we were too out of shape. One can definitely be in shape but not in basketball shape. Then, we went swimming! The water was cold, but we sucked it up at the beginning and then our bodies got pretty acclimated. My dad passed by on a walk, so he joined us for a while too. It had been more than a year and a half since I had been in a pool, and even longer for Carlos. That’s what a life in Ireland does to you! After swimming for a while, we laid in the sun, which felt amazing at the time (and then we saw our sunburns later-I’m still peeling, but at least now I have a bit of a base tan which has been non-existent for too long).

When we got home, we ate Rudy’s for lunch that someone had brought over for my mom. I’m not the biggest BBQ fan in the world, but sometimes it just hits the spot. After lunch we rested for a couple of hours, and then started getting ready for Jojo and Randy’s wedding at Reunion Ranch. I was really excited Carlos got to come with me and my parents. It was his first American wedding to attend! I also just realized, I had never brought a date to a wedding before, so it was special for me to have him there. The wedding ceremony was outside, short, and really beautiful. They had perfect weather. For the reception, everyone moved indoors. We ate more BBQ for dinner, danced, had cake for dessert, and I got to see old friends and lots of people I don’t see very often anymore. And Jojo looked so beautiful! I love weddings.

Here are some photos from the wedding:

IMG_4361 IMG_4362 IMG_4363 IMG_4365 IMG_4368 IMG_4375 IMG_4377 IMG_4381

Sunday: After Carlos bought his flight to come, I was so excited when I realized he would be here on St. Patrick’s Day! Clearly he is one of my favorite souvenirs that I brought back from Ireland 😉 Around lunchtime, we set off for Austin’s St. Patrick’s Day festival with my parents. Upon arrival, we all ordered fish ‘n chips and ate them outside listening to live music. It wasn’t too long after lunch that Carlos and I got a craving for Guinness. I don’t really like beer, but sometimes Guinness tastes so good to me! We stayed at the festival for a few hours, and actually heard a band from Ireland play at the end. It made me want to go back.

After the festival, we got some frozen yogurt at Yogurtland (I have a special fondness for Yogurtland because it used to only be in California, and I went there all the time at Biola AND because their water has strawberries in it and is so refreshing). Then we looked for a few things at Wal-Mart and Office Depot. We hung around Austin after the festival because we had plans to go to church at 5. After church, we were on the way to the Oasis to watch the sunset when 2222 was completely shut-down and we had to turn around. Luckily, we were right by the 360 bridge, so we parked, climbed up to the overlook, and admired the most beautiful views of Austin as the sun was setting, in the most perfect weather. Our change of plans turned out for the very best, I think.

As we walked down, we started getting really hungry. I took Carlos to Kerbey Lane for dinner and we continued to bask in the good weather by eating on the patio. He really liked the food, and it was also his first time trying “queso” (that’s a hard thing to try to explain to a Mexican 😉 ). It was a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!

Here are some photos from Sunday:

IMG_1258 IMG_1256

IMG_1263 IMG_1260 IMG_1261 IMG_1262IMG_1269  IMG_1263 IMG_1277

Monday: I was so glad Carlos’ flight wasn’t until the evening, so that meant we got to have a relaxing first part of the day. We ate breakfast on the back porch and then hung out at home for a few hours while Carlos got his stuff together. On the way to San Antonio we ate at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. We got to the airport plenty early and then, his flight to Monterrey was delayed for about 4 hours (whoohoo!). The last few hours of a visit are always hard, so it was nice that the last few hours ended up being a lot longer than expected. We got to eat one last dinner together at the airport, too. I finally left at about 8:15 when Carlos went to his gate.

It’s always a weird feeling to say good-bye to Carlos. On the one hand, your heart is really full from all the things you did together the past few days, but on the other hand, it’s really empty because you know he won’t be sitting next to you in the car on the drive back and the next morning he won’t be there to eat breakfast with you. Such is the nature of long-distance relationships, I guess. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how to act and what to think and just how to be in one; it is a learning process. When you are together, savor it: writing about his visits are one of my ways of doing that. When you are apart, remember on the days that when you miss each other the most, it will all be worth it in the end.

Thanks for coming, Carlos. I hope you had as much fun as me!

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