Si tú me dices ven lo dejo todo


Yesterday I accomplished something I have wanted to for a while: read an entire book in Spanish. I started reading this book by Albert Espinosa a few months ago after my roommate gave it to me. It took me lots of breaks, lots of Google translating, lots of rereading to understand, and lots of patience to finally finish it, but it was worth it in the end. I also hope it motivates me to read more books in Spanish.

In other news:

-I’m freaking out about life post-Ireland because I started looking for jobs online today. Does that stress anyone else out to the max/anyone want to give me a job? 

-The air is getting colder here 😦

-I turn 24 in less than a month!?

-I went to a Gaelic Football match in Dublin on Sunday and I’ll post pictures soon. If you’ve never heard of Gaelic Football, it’s okay because it’s only played in Ireland. 

-One of my favorite things about watching KC is that I get to do her hair. It’s my short hair living vicariously through her long hair (I really want my hair to grow!)

-For the second year in a row I’m not going back to school, and I really miss it. 

-I really want to go to Portugal

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