2 Days in England

This past weekend I traveled to Liverpool and Manchester, England. I had previously only been to London, so I was excited to see a different part of England. It didn’t disappoint! The main attraction in Liverpool is that it is the Beatles hometown, so we took a 2.5 hour taxi tour around the city that stopped at all things important in the formation of the Beatles. For some reason, I was expecting Liverpool to look really industrial, but it was actually beautiful and has lots of other attractions other than seeing Beatles landmarks. It didn’t hurt that it was incredibly warm-by far the warmest weather I have felt since Texas.

Manchester is the home of Manchester United Football Club (that’s a soccer team, for all you Americans ;)), and we toured their museum and stadium. I could have lived without the museum, but touring the stadium was fun and interesting. Manchester is also a lively city that I wouldn’t have minded spending more time in.

Here are some photos of my weekend:

A Cathedral in Liverpool

Liverpool Philharmonic

Ringo Starr’s childhood home-isn’t it cute?

This song

Do you see something in the bricks?

John Lennon grew up here

Albert Dock

The best fish ‘n chips of my life, and cheap too!

The Liverpool Wall of Fame

Children escaping the heat

Chinatown, Liverpool

The Beatles and ManU fanatic

Thanks for letting us stay with you, Lety!

Manchester’s stadium

Some of the Olympic soccer matches were played here

My favorite part of the museum was seeing Ronaldo’s gear…

…and picture

Inside the locker room

What a pretty stadium and pretty grass

Manchester had cool buildings…

…like the National Football Museum…

…and this pub. Looks like it was Happy Hour!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. rachelynne says:

    We did a Beatles tour when we visited England. So much fun! I loved getting to see some of the sites you’ve got pictures of here! Sounds like a great trip =)

  2. You are THE STINKING cutest, EM! Always. I’m traveling with YOU next time I travel, so I can be cute too.
    Love you, miss you, skype soon!?

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