8 things


1. Winter is back. Tuesday was full of rain, hail, and out-of-control wind. The combination of those made it FREEZING, and my feet literally haven’t been warm for 3 days.

2. My roommate is going back to Mexico soon so she’s trying to find someone to fill her space in our room. So far, a Brazilian girl and a Costa Rican girl have looked at the room.

3. I’ve come to the conclusion that most (not all) Irish girls have the exact opposite style (clothes, make-up, hair) as me. My least favorite trend is fake eyelashes for everyday. I’m trying to discreetly collect pictures of Irish fashion trends to do a whole post on this!

4. My parents come in 3 days.

5. My boss is a nurse, and this week she is on night-duty. Every night this week I am spending the night at her house because KC can’t stay by herself. I get there at 7:30 PM and leave at 7:30 AM. KC likes sleeping in the living room, so we have been having sleepovers and watching tv before we go to sleep. It’s a pretty easy way to make money!

6. I went with two of my friends on Tuesday to get my cartilage pierced. We went to Claire’s! I’ve never gotten my ears pierced anywhere else. Thankfully my weak stomach held it together, and I didn’t come close to passing out or throwing up.

7. My daily commute looks like this: I leave my flat and walk 5 minutes to the bus stop. Then I wait for my bus. Then I stay on the bus for 10-15 minutes, depending on if it’s rush-hour or not. I get off the bus in Beaumont, the part of Dublin where I work. Then I walk 12 minutes to my boss’ house, punch in 1 gate code to get into her apartment complex, and punch in another gate code to get into her building. Then I walk up 1 flight of stairs and I arrive. Going home, I do the reverse.

8. Happy Almost-Good Friday and Almost-Easter! I am planning on going to a Good Friday service here tomorrow.

But the angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here, for he has risen, as he said…” -Matthew 28:5-6



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  1. Angela says:

    Haha I love your commute comment…. so funny. That is how I felt when I was in D.C. I am so glad that your parents are coming! Yay. AND I AM SO PROUD THAT YOU DIDN’T PASS OUT! Haha, go Emily. You are moving up in the world. We still need a skype date 🙂

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