My Week in Photos

This is what Temple Bar (one of the main sections of Dublin with all of the clubs/pubs) looked like on St. Patrick’s night. Trashed. And it was raining. I feel so bad for whoever had to clean the streets the next morning.

My room (those doors lead to a nice patio and let in lots of light. After I wrote the last sentence, I realized how dark the room looks in the picture. Maybe I should say that for Ireland, the room gets lots of light)

The living room

The tiny kitchen (there isn’t a full size fridge, just the mini one to the left of the oven. There is another one the same size in the living room. The washer/dryer combo is the white machine straight ahead. There is no wasted space in this room!)

The window in the dining room is my favorite and great for people-watching

A better view from said window (the park across the street is so nice! I can’t wait to lay on the grass in the summertime)

My mom sent me a package today (aren’t the shorts the best?!) For reasons I don’t understand, I had to take the train 20 minutes outside of Dublin to pick it up a warehouse where the post office sorts packages, but it was SO worth it. Thank you, Momma!

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  1. George Lee says:

    Your apartment looks quite inviting, Emily, and I like perhaps most of all that it is across the street from a park. How are the new job and roommate so far? It sure seems that God has arranged familiar and likeable relationships for you – a Filipino employer, and Spanish-speaking friends. Jesus is able to do more than we can imagine – truly “all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me” . . . and I will be with you to the very end of the age.”

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