Virginia in Photos

The view from my window…the sky looked particularly pretty today, or maybe that’s just because the sun was out

Road signs are all in Irish first, then English (Dublin in Irish=Ath Cliath…what?!)

I don’t know what this building is, but I really like it

There’s a bookstore!

The grocery store, connected to the 3-store “shopping center”

Along the main road into town

My room….the window is my favorite part

I love all of the wood in this house

I have way more wardrobe space than I need!

P.S. After I wrote about Leap Day, Paddy told me that one of his co-workers got proposed to by his girlfriend yesterday (he said yes)! The best part about the tradition? The girl still gets the ring, but she gets to pick it out herself!

One Comment Add yours

  1. hilary062 says:

    Your room is beautiful!!! You should walk through the wardrobe and see if Narnia is there!

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