4 things

4 things I did today:

1. Visited a bookstore. The entire upstairs was secondhand books! I bought a book from the Irish Fiction section for 5 euro, about a British couple who move to the Irish countryside. I hope it’s good, but I was craving a book so badly that I think I would have bought anything.

2. Found Burt’s Bees. I was in a pharmacy looking for a brush, turned a corner, and voila, there was their entire Burt’s Bees section (I didn’t think they sold it here). Alas, they were out of my favorite shampoo and conditioner (3 employees looked for it), but I am SO HAPPY TO KNOW THEY SELL IT HERE because most shampoos and conditioners do NOT work on my hair (like what I just bought here), and theirs is perfect and almost entirely natural.

3. Watched the last 2 weeks of the Bachelor on YouTube. I had a minor meltdown last week when I tried to watch the latest episode on ABC’s website and they informed me that you can’t watch it outside of the continental US. Thank goodness for YouTube! That show may be ridiculous and drama-fied and unrealistic, but I am addicted. It reminds me of home!

4. Got coffee from McDonald’s. I really like McDonald’s coffee in the US, but in Europe it is so much more legit. Some of the McDonald’s here even have a separate McCafe counter that sells pastries in a display case and has a really nice espresso machine. It is also cheap and very soothing on a cold day (aka every day).

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