Grown-Up Life

Graduating from college is scary. I had a full-time job for 2 weeks in June but quit because although it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good. Looking back, I shouldn’t have accepted that job. I wanted to have an answer when people asked me what I was doing and because this job literally fell into my lap, I assumed that God would want me to take it. Well, I don’t think He did. I think I took that job out of pride and didn’t really pray about it. Once I started working, I felt really distant from God and honestly wasn’t enjoying something that, in theory, I should have enjoyed. If I had prayed about it before accepting it, I would have realized that God wanted me to wait and to rest and to have faith that He would provide something that I couldn’t see at the moment. It was hard to quit and I was letting my employer down, but pleasing God is infinitely more important than pleasing men. I am thankful that the Holy Spirit convicted me of my disobedience and pride sooner rather than later!

So here I am, 2 months and 5 days since graduation, my much-anticipated vacation over, with no job, less friends in close proximity to me than I have ever had, and not much direction about the future. However, I have way more peace about my current situation than I did during the 2 weeks of my job. God is good. He is always faithful. No job right now means I have lots of time to do things that I love, like read and work-out and swim and try new things in Austin. Not having many friends around me right now means that I am so grateful for the ones I do have. Having little direction means that my life could go in any direction, and that is exciting.

I am still being proactive and looking at jobs and talking to people about any leads they might have. I do know that starting August 24, I will have a part-time job coaching an elementary girls volleyball team, and I am excited about that. For a while, that might be all that God wants me to do. I am also looking at going back to Europe and getting a TEFL/TESOL certification and teaching there for a while. WE WILL SEE!

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